Lightweight Bulletproof Flight Jacket Level IIIA

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Lightweight Bulletproof Flight Jacket Level IIIA

Designed especially for undercover work: businessmen, detectives, bodyguards, and others to provide maximum ballistic protection.

Color: Black

This flight jacket is manufactured to provide the wearer with full ballistic protection. It is a sample of soft body armor that protects the front and back of the torso like a bullet proof vest. An added bonus is that the soft ballistic panels are inserted into inside pockets of the bomber jacket and are easily removable, as they can be switched from one garment to another. This allows different jackets to function as bullet proof body armor.

Level IIIA armor protects against:

357 SIG

44 Magnum

10mm Auto


It also provides protection against the threats mentioned in [Types I, IIA, II].

All products pass strict tests and standards: NIJ Std, IDF Mil-spec, US Mil-std, DIN, NFPA, ASTM, EN and more.

Warranty:  All vests has a 5 Years warranty.

Quality: All bulletproof vests are manufactured under ISO 9000 quality conditions. 

NIJ Standart: Manufactured and tested by The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) standart.

Fast Shipping: Every order is sent via UPS express delivery.

Security Forces Standards: Trusted by Israeli security forces.

Delivery (please read the Delivery Information first!)
Delivery days 5-7

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